Torre Pedrera

Torre Pedrera, near Rimini, is the source of so much fun at any time of the day you have a wide choice of what to do for an unforgettable stay.

Very summer events on the waterfront, to the cultural routes more directly in the city center allowing you to visit the monuments of Roman Baroque `, the neighborhood that was the birthplace of Federico Fellini, the many markets scattered along the various streets of the city, the shopping areas, malls very well equipped for children, several amusement parks not far from the city.

In addition, several events during the summer to make the most of the holiday in Torre Pedrera, along the coast, from the always much-awaited Pink Night involving the whole coast. And all the streets and alleys that intersect the beaches and offering a wide choice of shops, bars, restaurants, enjoy a delicious ice cream in order to provide a relaxing and long walks.

The beaches of Torre Pedrera are among the most recognized and equipped to the same level as those of Rimini, but certainly more quiet and voted for families. The spaces on the beach allow you to practice many sports, including, beach tennis, bocce sport well known in Romagna, beach volleyball, water games and much more, or just relax in the sun on the beautiful beach.

For the young and lovers of nightlife, the nearby Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica offer many entertainment, the famous trendy discos, pubs and many other places where wild and spend unforgettable evenings. Torre Pedrera is divided between the sea and the hills behind the town is in fact soon reached a very pleasant area to relax in the countryside and walks submerged in nature, between castles and fortresses, medieval villages. Here you can taste the typical dishes of the area and drinking fine wines.