What to see in Rimini during the summer holidays? A sea of surprises!

Here are all the monuments of Rimini not to be missed, the advice of the true Romagna people and the family-size alternatives with amusement parks

There is a place where your holidays become magical, a place caressed by the intense blue of the Adriatic sea and the bright green of the Val Marecchia behind it: here’s what to see in Rimini and its surroundings! Thanks to our room and breakfast formula you can live all the most beautiful experiences that Romagna offers you. So here are all our tips from true local people, those rumagnùl secrets!

Whether you love culture, unspoiled nature or ancient history, we give you a thousand ideas to make your holidays even more beautiful. Are you traveling with your children? Do not miss all the amusement parks of the Romagna Riviera, just a few minutes from the hotel. Curious? Then let’s get started right away!


Even on vacation there are special days: if for once you don’t want sunbathing, or maybe a few clouds surprise you … it’s the perfect opportunity to give yourself a gift! Enjoy a quiet walk in the city and find out what to see in the center of Rimini. It is a place of infinite wealth: it breathes the medieval charm combined with the constant innovation of cultural heritage, for an avant-garde experience. Here are all the monuments to visit in the center of Rimini:

  • Piazza Tre Martiri and Piazza Cavour – the two beating hearts of the historic center. Piazza Tre Martiri is large and bright, here the main streets of the city cross (including the one that takes you to the Arch). Piazza Cavour instead hosts the majestic Galli Theater and the Fontana della Pigna, today it represents the heart of the younger and fresher Rimini thanks to its bars and pubs.
  • Galli Theater – a pearl of beauty recently restored, to bring back its ancient charm. The structure of arches and bricks reigns over Piazza Cavour, drawing the eye towards it. Inside there is also an exhibition of the archaeological finds discovered during the excavations.
  • Castle Sismondo – just behind the theater, an incredible fortress welcomes you which takes its name from Sismondo Malatesta. Today this fortress is surrounded by a modern and minimal park, which enhances its grandeur even more. Inside, real treasures of ancient history.
  • Arch of Augustus – since 27 BC it has symbolized the triumphal and imposing south gateway of the city of Rimini. Throughout its history it has been enriched with new details but still today you can see the wonderful low relief decorations with the naked eye.
  • Malatesta Temple – also built on the orders of Sismondo Malatesta, it is a true treasure trove of art. In fact, it host a work of inestimable value: Giotto’s Crucifix behind the altar. The external facade is rich in details and decorations created by Piero della Francesca.
  • Domus del Chirurgo – close your eyes and imagine the beauty of the ancient Roman Empire … in this archaeological excavation unearthed in Piazza Ferrari you will find ancient Roman remains combined with those of a medieval cemetery. Many medical tools were found in this spot, which then determined the name of the monument.
  • Tiberius Bridge and Borgo San Giuliano – starting from Piazza Cavour, a straight walk takes you to the Tiberius Bridge. The Roman construction is in Istrian stone, surrounded by a modern park on the outskirts of Borgo San Giuliano, which was the birthplace of the director Federico Fellini.


An amazing hinterland welcomes you during those days where you can breathe clean air, climb to the top and enjoy the cool breeze from the Apennines. The villages of Valmarecchia hide many secrets: ancient myths and legends enrich your moments in unspoiled nature. On clear summer days you can see some of the most famous headlands directly from your hotel terrace. In San Marino you stroll through the ancient republic of liberties, San Leo leaves you breathless with the stories from Montefeltro to Cagliostro, the Gradara Castle makes you fall in love with Paolo and Francesca. If you are a sportsman, bring the right shoes and treat yourself to a trek: follow the marked paths and walk to the small villages overlooking the sea. Montebello, the Hermitage of Saiano, Pietramura and San Leo…


Do you want to give a gift to the children and organize super fun activities on vacation? We from Romagna are specialists in having fun for the whole family: a thousand ideas for a sea of adventures, one for every day! Right next to the Milanese Hotel you will find the Italia in Miniatura park and a few minutes away you can continue with Fiabilandia, Oltremare, the Aquarium “Le Navi” in Cattolica, Aquafan, Mirabilandia and its nearby Zoo Safari. Ready for the adrenaline of a roller coaster?