Breakfast is a real journey into taste that starts with the freshest quality ingredients

Pamper yourself with the dream buffet in the dining room until 11.30, with a panoramic view of the sea

Have you ever noticed that on vacation, every dish tastes better? Maybe because you enjoy it calmly, bite after bite and here at the hotel Milanese also in front of the sea. Every morning with us starts on the right foot: a buffet full of sweet and savory delicacies, a breathtaking view right in front of you and the right dose of calm, because breakfast is open until 11.30.


A pinch of sugar can make your waking up a dream: cakes and pies, soft brioches with a thousand fillings and even vegans, muffins, biscuits just like grandma used to make them. Take off some whims even with yogurt, add cereals, dried fruit, juices of a thousand colors and flavors.

Every day you will also find vegan and gluten free desserts, 100% safe and of the highest quality.


Do you love to feel full with a nice international breakfast? Waking up is perfect for you too: take your moment of tranquility overlooking the sea and imagine the day that awaits you in front of a toast with a cheese heart, the most international bacon and eggs, or choose a sandwich with all kinds of cold cuts. Do you love to stay longer between the soft sheets? We are waiting for you with a mouth watering brunch!


A café with a sea view and those you love next to you. It looks like the beginning of a poem, but instead it’s your breakfast here at the Milanese. Serve yourself quietly in the dining room whenever you want, with our self-service express machine. The cappuccino is as good as the one in the bar: fresh milk, freshly ground coffee, a lot of passion. Everything at your fingertips, without waiting!


The pleasure of the taste is even more beautiful when shared. This is why we have created the perfect environment to enjoy every flavor in a calm manner: the breakfast room gives you the right intimacy, the tranquility you need in the morning as soon as you wake up. The light and the breathtaking view of the sea are the protagonists. You always have the right space when you are sitting at the table, comfortable even in the company of children.