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Relax yourself in the quieter area of Rimini, where you can still breathe the Romagna tradition

Sometimes words are not enough to describe the beauty of a place. That’s why while we tell you the stories of Torre Pedrera, you close your eyes and imagine…

How nice is it, after a winter of work and deadlines, to pack your bags for your beach holidays? When you already savor that feeling of freedom and carefree, while smiling happily without even realizing it. Your beach holidays in Rimini Torre Pedrera await you with new wonderful emotions: here you are in the heart of the most peaceful area of Rimini.

Everyone knows the Romagna region Hospitality (yes, the one with a capital H!) Made up of smiles and traditions, accompanied by a nice piadina on the promenade. On our beach you always feel safe even with your family, and the Hotel Milanese by the sea in Rimini is like your home.

Torre Pedrera is a small seaside village with a perfect beach for families with children. The rocks near the shore make the seabed sweet and safe, block the currents and keep the water always warm. Plus, the area is always carefully monitored by our beloved lifeguards!

The beach is calm, well organized with bathing establishments and many services. In the evening, however, the promenade comes to life with clubs, ice cream parlors, bars and many events. Don’t miss the concerts, the markets organized every week and the famous East-Coast Festival with vintage cars!

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